Who we are: GOLAPS team members are professionals, each with long-standing interests in paranormal and supernatural phenomena.  We have over 100 years combined experience in working with such phenomena, and we offer out investigative services for little or no monetary compensation.  We each have a passion for this and are always seeking new sites to investigate.  Although we most often investigate benign hauntings (which can certainly be frightening for the client), we are fearless and will not hesitate to investigate malevolent hauntings and suspected demonic activity. All investigations are absolutely confidential, and no information or evidence, such as photos or EVP's, are made public without the client's express written permission.

We are always seeking new cases, so if you know of an interesting haunted site that we can investigate, or you are experiencing a haunting or other frightening activity in your home or office or on your property, don't hesitate to contact us!
Brent A. Soileau (GOLAPS founder, coordinator, public contact, EVP specialist, spiritualist): Brent has had a passionate interest in the paranormal and supernatural since at least the age of five.   He has lived in two actively haunted houses, and has been conducting investigations using EVP and various other tools since 1978 and has led investigations as far away as Cheyenne, Wyoming.  He has experience with benign hauntings, malevolent hauntings, poltergeists, and demonic entities and has successfully conducted cleansings and exorcisms.  Contact him at brent.golaps@yahoo.com.
Heather Lea (GOLAPS security coordinator, photographer, recorder, EVP specialist): Heather has been a sensitive from an early age, and has had direct experience with paranormal activity since 1979.  She has lived in a haunted house, and has experienced full-body apparitions and poltergeist activity.  She has participated in investigations and cleansings in the southeast region of Louisiana.  Contact her at heather.golaps@yahoo.com.
Jeffrey Scott Thomas (GOLAPS videographer and audio analyst)  With over 30 years in the film industry in LA and La.  Scott brings a level of experience from a filmed aspect to either identify or dismiss paranormal activity in the footage.  He has worked with New Orleans Haunted History tours and produced, directed, and shot documentaries on the paranormal in such places as Salem, MA.  Gettysburg, PA.  East State Penitentiary, Philadelphia PA.  State Palace Theater, New Orleans, LA, and Big Thicket National Park , TX.  He has done many paranormal investigations around the nation, specifically in his home state of Louisiana.  "I do believe there is something beyond this dimension, whether you believe in God or something other, the proof is there."   Contact him at jsthomas.golaps@yahoo.com.
Elizabeth Lynch (GOLAPS videographer, audio specialist): As  a videographer and audio specialist with years of experience in the film and television industry, Liz is an indispensible member of the team.  She has experienced hauntings and poltergeist activity and has participated in investigations in the southeast region of Louisiana.  Contact her at lizzy.golaps@yahoo.com.
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Brandy Hutton (GOLAPS investigator, researcher) Brandy had her first paranormal experience at a young age, and has dedicated her life to finding answers on what she came into contact with. Brandy has participated in several investigations across south Louisiana. She has spent years researching and reading about paranormal activity. She has been interested in the paranormal since the age of five. Contact her at   brandy.golaps@yahoo.com

Janie Miller (EVP Specialist, Photo and Video Specialist) Janie has been interested in the paranormal since she was a teenager and lived in a house with poltergeist activity. Being exposed to numerous experiences resulted in a quest for answers concerning the paranormal. Janie has been actively involved in ghost hunting for the past four years and makes a habit of seeking out any and all haunted places. She worked over 12 years as a data collection technician and enjoys doing the same now that she is retired.  Contact her at janie.golaps@yahoo.com.

Marshall Miller (Photo and Video Specialist) Marshall has had a lifelong fascination with natural science and unexplained phenomena. His main quest with ghost hunting is finding as close to indisputable evidence as possible. He and his wife Janie have stayed in and investigated numerous haunted hotels and homes across the south.  Contact him at marshall.golaps@yahoo.com.
Kevin Kees (GOLAPS investigator, EVP specialist, team medic) Kevin has an affinity for EVP and still-photo anomalies.  Although not having any paranormal experiences until joining GOLAPS, he has always been fascinated by the paranormal and wants to find as many answers as possible to the questions of "Who, What, and Why" surrounding paranormal activity. Kevin is a Fireman/EMT and he brings his emergency medical skills to the team as our Team Medic. He is very excited to be a part of the GOLAPS team and wants to do whatever he can to help GOLAPS become the Premier Paranormal Investigation Group in Louisiana and the South.  Contact him at kevin.golaps@yahoo.com.
Julia Dicharry (GOLAPS Investigator)  Julia is a new member of the GOLAPS team and an investigator in training.  She has been interested in the paranormal since her adolescence, and the unexplained and unknown is fascinating to her.  She joined the GOLAPS team to learn as much as possible about paranormal investigation, to possibly mover closer to answers, and to be part of a team who shares these common interests.  Julia is confident that being part of the GOLAPS team can give her more answers, as well as guide and teach her to explore all aspects of investigations.  Contact her at julia.golaps@yahoo.com.
Nichole Dupuy (GOLAPS Investigator)  Nichole has had an acute interest in the paranormal since the age of six.  Curiosity and fascination has led her to travel to many locally suspected haunted locations to conduct her own investigations.  She is contributing to GOLAPS by participating in investigations, doing research, and reviewing evidence collected to acquire the answers to the many questions such investigations raise.  She is also participating in the GOLAPS social media team to make many others aware of the group who may have similar interests.   Contact her at nichole.golaps@yahoo.com.
Penny Parker (GOLAPS Investigator)  Since early childhood, Penny has had a special gift and encountered several spirits as she has lived in 3 haunted houses, one in Montgomery Alabama as a 6 year old for 3 years where she encountered a full body child apparition.  Since then, spirits of many children seem to try and communicate to her and to her children. Her sister, Leya Parker is the original founder of SAPI, Southern Alabama Paranormal Investigations. They were the original pilot for TAPS and did the first TV shows and public appearances to bring the field into the public eye. The women in Penny’s family are very sensitive to the spirit world, and seem to draw them in as they believe they feel safe with them and try very diligently to communicate.  Contact her at penny.golaps@yahoo.com
Kathleen Duncan (Researcher, Historian, Member Emeritus) Although Kat now lives in Nashville, she was and is an important and well-loved member of the GOLAPS team.  Her past contributions to our group have been priceless and her skill as the team's researcher and historian was superlative.  She no longer investigates with us, but continues to do what research she can from Nashville, from where we all hope she will one day escape and return to Baton Rouge.  Contact her at kathleen.golaps@yahoo.com.

Stacy Hilton (GOLAPS Investigator, Spirit Medium, SpiritualistStacy has been investigating the paranormal for over 10 years but has had paranormal experiences her entire life.  She discovered that she was a psychic/medium at a young age but was religiously conflicted about communicating with people's deceased loved ones. In 2009, she experienced a huge turning point when she did an unplanned reading for someone and witnessed how much healing it brought to him. She came to realize then that anything we do with good intention is not wrong and embraced her gift at that point. Since then, she has committed herself to helping people by bringing them closure and peace by connecting them to their deceased loved ones.  Besides being one of the most gifted mediums in the region, she has several years experience as an investigator in her own right. Contact her at stacy.golaps@yahoo.com.

Kimmie Orillion (GOLAPS Investigator)  Kimmie has been interested in the paranormal for many years, having had her first encounter at the age of 5. Experiencing more phenomena while growing up in a 100 year old house, this all just seemed normal to her. Surely everyone has these experiences....or so she thought. Not content to leave the enigma alone, she began to educate herself as much on the subject as she could going as far as to invest in her own equipment and set out to investigate indeendently. She has spent many nights in haunted B&B's in St. Augustine, Florida where she has captured compelling evidence of the paranormal through Evp's and still photography. She has done investigations in several known haunted locations in and around St. Augustine's Historic District as well as locally. Her goal is to travel to as many haunted cities as she can and experience/capture evidence of the paranormal.  Contact her at kimmie.golaps@yahoo.com.
Lyndon Arledge (GOLAPS Investigator)  In over 30 years investigating the unknown, Lyndon has remained a skeptic.  He has authored two paranormal newspaper columns and produced the first Louisiana Paranormal radio program. Arledge is a Louisiana historian and a still-photo, computer, and audio expert. He is also an
ordained Christian minister, a trained exorcist and Demonologist.  He
has sought but failed to find definitive proof of Einstein's parallel dimensions and/or life after death, and until he proves otherwise, tends to accept the Bible's description of all spirits as angels or demons.  Contact him at lyndon.golaps@yahoo.com.
Janna Arledge (GOLAPS Investigator) Janna has been a sensitive since her near-death experience at age 12.  At age 16, she met Lyndon Arledge, a newspaper columnist investigating the unknown. In the 1980s, Janna and her future husband co-hosted the Louisiana Paranormal radio program, airing over seven years. After many years investigating the unknown, Janna did not fully accept proof of the afterlife until the 1990s, when she was visited in the hospital by her deceased grandmother. Her primary objective today is to help others cope with their fears, either by exposing misconceptions and hoaxes or cleansing homes of unwanted guests.  Contact her at janna.golaps@yahoo.com.