Maison de Ville:  Haunted Hotel in the French Quarter

The property that is now the Hotel Maison de Ville was constructed in 1793 as a private residence for a young immigrant, his Creole wife and their growing family.  Often in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Creoles built small, separate buildings for their grown sons to reside in until they married.  Some references on these structures refer to them as “garconnieres”, or bachelor quarters.  The three separate constructs surrounding the courtyard at the Hotel Maison de Ville are believed to have been built some 50 years before the main building making them among the oldest existing buildings in New Orleans.  When owner Richard Poe II acquired the property in October of 2010 he was charmed by the 19th century ambiance. While that charm remains, there is also a spooky side of the location.  Guests in the newly renovated historical building have reported numerous counts of paranormal activity, and the hotel asked the Ghosts of Louisiana team to conduct a full investigation.
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The  site consists of the main building, the garconniers cottage, and the slave quarters, where the slaves who orginally built the home lived, and in which the famed playwrite Tennessee Williams frequently stayed.  In fact, he wrote A Streetcar Named Desire in the slave quarters at the Hotel Maison de Ville.
Photo courtesy of image gallery.
"... In the meantime..." - This sounds like an older black man speaking.  Maybe he's telling a story about the place.  The only part of what he's saying that I can clearly make out is "In the meantime...", however, he's speaking before and after that, I just can't quite make out what's being said.  If any visitors to the website can hear it more clearly, please write me and let me know what you think he's saying.
In the room where a staff memeber reported seeing a large, black figure looming over the bed while being physically pinned down, I captured this photo while laying in the same bed.   There is an orb abve and slightly to the right of my right foot.  The really interesting thing is that if you look in the mirror, you can see a reflection of the orb.
"I'm a suicide" - This was obtained in the Frenchmen's cottage.   There is a strange, loud click, then a quieter voice that quickly says "I'm a suicide."  I was puzzled about the click, but one of our investigators who also happens to be a cop pointed out that it sounds like the hammer of a gun being cocked.
"Burning, catch me" - This EVP came as we were leaving the room where a burning smell is often reported.  One of the owners who had also expereinced this phenomena had just finished talking about it when this turned up on the audio.
"It's in the truck" - Another EVP from the main building.  You can clearly hear a toddler's voice say "It's in the twuck," mispronouncing the "r" in "truck" as you might expect a toddler to do.  It seems to be followed by an adult's voice, but I can't make out what it's saying.  If you can, please write me and tell me what you hear!
"Bonjour"  This EVP came from the Frenchmen's cottage.  I went in speaking French saying "Hello, I'd like to speak to you, my friends.  I got a response in French.  A voice quietly says "bonjour."
"Sigh... She's not coming to the party" This came from the main building.  It sounds like an old Southern "grande dame"  who sighs then says "She's not coming to the party" in a amusing Southern drawl.
"Porquois"  Another response in French from the Frenchmen's cottage.  "Porquois" means "why" in French.
"We've got five people.  Somebody's gonna get laid." - This came from the main building and seems to be two seperate voices.  One says "We've got five people."  The other seems hopeful that the numbers seem favorable.
This photo was taken in the "Tennessee Williams Suite," which was the slave quarters back when the place was being built. If you look in the mirror, on the side next to the television, you can see half my reflection as I snapped the photo.  There is also the image of what appears to be a woman standing very close behind me, sort of draping herself across my shoulder. I was alone in the suite.   At the time this photo was taken, I was calling the slaves out, telling them it was time to get to work on the building.  At the same time, I got an EVP which seems to be the rattling of cart wheels across brick paving, and an older black man's voice.
Cart wheels and voice:  This is the EVP captured while addressing workers in the slave quarters, telling them there was work to be done.  There seems to be the sound of wooden cart wheels on uneven paving.  I was told that the courtyard was originally done in brick.  While the cart wheels are rolling, there is a faint voice.  I pulled the voice and cleaned it up separately, and you can hear that just below.
As usual, I'm struggling to get video clips up on the site.  We have a number of them and I am working out how to get them posted onto the site.  Stay tuned...
The Investigation

The GOLAPS team investigated Maison de Ville on January 15th, 2013.   Activity reported includes hearing footsteps and whispering, seeing a dark shape looming over the bed in one room in the main building, books being moved and coming off the shelves in the Frenchmen's cottage, staff members being touched by unseen entities, the full-body apparition of a woman in another one of the rooms in the main building, and more.  We setup video cameras throughout the main building and the garconniers, otherwise known as the Frenchmen's cottage, since most of the reported activity occurred in these buildings.  We also setup stationary recorders in the Frenchman's cottage and the main building, and utilized mobile recorders everywhere else.  And, of course, lots of photographs were taken.
This video shows an orb over one of the owners in the room where the full-body apparition of a woman has been seen.  We also caught this in a photograph.